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RAM vCPU Storage Bandwidth IP Monthly
Linux VPS-1 ( Semi-Managed)
2GB 2 vCPU 50GB SSD Unlimited 1 999 BUY NOW
Linux VPS-2 ( Semi-Managed)
4GB 2 vCPU 80GB SSD Unlimited 1 1699 BUY NOW
Linux VPS-3 ( Semi-Managed)
5GB 3 vCPU 100GB SSD Unlimited 1 2499 BUY NOW
Linux VPS-4 ( Semi-Managed)
8GB 4 vCPU 150GB SSD Unlimited 1 2999 BUY NOW
Linux VPS-5 ( Semi-Managed)
12GB 6 vCPU 100GB SSD Unlimited 1 3999 BUY NOW
Linux VPS-6 ( Semi-Managed)
16GB 8 vCPU 250GB SSD Unlimited 1 4999 BUY NOW
Linux VPS-7 ( Semi-Managed)
24GB 12 vCPU 300GB SSD Unlimited 1 6999 BUY NOW

Right OS will save your time.

Top Operating System

Almost all variations of the Linux OS are supported by our Cheap VPS Hosting Server. You can select the type of Operating System you want for your VPS web hosting and we will handle its installation & configuration. If you're looking for a reliable and affordable VPS hosting provider, look no further than our services. Contact us today to learn more about our plans and get started with your website's VPS hosting.


Powerful Features

Included In Every Plans

With VPS server you have more control over your website's performance and can customize it to meet your specific needs. Our VPS hosting plans are affordable and scalable, allowing you to easily upgrade or downgrade your resources as needed. We offer a variety of VPS hosting plans to choose from, including Linux options. Our plans come with a 99% uptime , ensuring that your website is always up and running smoothly.

100 Mbps Network

With 100Mbps, you'll get reduced page loading time and a better user experience. It can host website or apps with no performance issues.

Host Unlimited Websites

You can host an unlimited number of websites online. Also, you can migrate your shared or reseller hosting sites to Cheap VPS hosting.

Paid Control Panel options

We have have Paid control panels like cPanel, Plesk, Directadmin. You can buy the license from us & we will install them on your server.

FREE SSL Certificates

SSL encryption for your website or application is included with all of our cheap VPS hosting India plans at no extra charges.

Free Control Panel Options

We have FREE control panels options like Centos, aapanel etc . You need to select desired control panels while buying cheap VPS server.

SSH Root / Terminal Access

As a VPS hosting server owner, you have full control over your VPS & you can be the admin of your own cheap VPS hosting server.

Choice of Operating system

If needed, With Cheap VPS Hosting India plans, user can choose any desired operating system CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora etc.

Dedicated IP & Free Setup

VPS Server includes 1 dedicated IP & the setup of the server is FREE. VPS is non refundable, no hidden charges, no penalty on cancellation.

High Traffic Websites

Run your website uninterrupted, reliably & quickly even when it is highly trafficked with a virtual private server or linux VPS hosting India.

Customers General Questions

Cheap VPS Hosting India Questions

With our VPS hosting server, you'll also have access to advanced features such as root access, dedicated IP addresses, and Free Control Panel with Free SSL certificates. These features will help to enhance the security and functionality of your website, making it more attractive to visitors and search engines alike. Our VPS hosting services are also highly scalable, allowing you to easily add or remove resources as your website's traffic and needs change. This means that you only pay for the resources you need, making our plans cost-effective and efficient.

By using virtualization technology to partition and split the main server into multiple virtual servers, a virtual private server operates as an independent or stand-alone server with the same functionality as a dedicated server. VPS hosting is considered a more advanced version of the shared web hosting service in that your website will only use the specified VPS resources such as Storage, CPU, RAM, & Bandwidth if you host your website or application on that VPS.

Unmanaged VPS hosting is all about managing your server on your own. You are responsible for the installation of all the software you need and for maintaining the server, everything will fall to you. As the business owner, you may not be able to simultaneously handle all the server-related tasks and your business at a same time even if your are technical enough. So in this situation, You can opt our semi-managed vps or managed VPS plans.

The user must move or shift to cheap VPS hosting India plans if the website receives too much traffic or consumes too much RAM and CPU on shared web hosting servers. Linux VPS hosting plans offer better scalability and high uptime. With a Cheap VPS hosting India package, your site will load faster with a faster loading speed. It is a great option for medium-sized businesses since it is cheaper to use. Additionally, the user gets the option of scalability and customization. In addition, our VPS hosting plans come with easy-to-use control panels, making it simple for you to manage your server and website. You can easily install and configure applications, monitor your server's performance, and access your files and databases. If you're looking for reliable and affordable VPS hosting services, our company is the perfect choice. Contact us today to learn more about our plans and how we can help you take your website to the next level.

Yes, Please send us your existing hosting login details. You will be assisted in Website Migration, Website Transfer & Website Live in Semi Managed VPS Hosting Plans.

Users are responsible for resolving website errors by themselves if they stop working due to coding errors. Support is available to you, but we will only provide limited support since your plan is semi-managed plans. If your website suddenly stops working, generate a support ticket for this. Our support team will investigate that issue and let you know the reason why your website stopped working. In the case of fully managed VPS plans, we will assist you in fixing and maintaining your websites.

Semi-Managed limited support are : ("Initial VPS Hosting Setup")("Paid & Free Control Panel Installation") ("Panel Configuration")("FREE Website Transfer")("Hardware or Operating System") ("SSL Certificates Configuration")("Network Related Problems")("DNS & E-Mail Account Configuration")("Hardware Failure Issues, Reboot & Restart")

Yes, VPS hosting plans comes with FREE SSL Certificate, if it is configured according to us.

Yes. User can install & manage their wordpress website easily. User can also use for High Resource Taking Websites, Node.Js Project, Python Project, Laravel Project, E-Commerce Website, MongoDB, LAMP etc

In a semi-managed VPS, the user does not need to worry about initial server installation, configuration, web website setup, SSL setup, DNS setup as it has already been set up for them. These types of VPS servers come with basic Pre-configurations and limited support.The semi-managed VPS is the best and recommended option for people moving from Shared Hosting to VPS. Furthermore, we will help our users take their website live and migrate their websites. A semi-managed virtual private server could also be a good option for all those looking for Cheap VPS hosting that's more affordable than fully managed server hosting.

With VPS hosting, a medium-sized business gets the advantage of reduced hosting costs and the option of providing scalability and customization to their website. The website will also perform better because of its fast loading time and high uptime. If shared hosting is not able to handle your traffic, move to VPS hosting.

Not Really, Just basic shared hosting knowledge is enough. In case you buy semi-managed vps plans from us, we will instruct you how to use them. The guides for using vps services are provided by our support team. If you follow our guide and don't modify important vps settings, it will operate smoothly. You won't have any issues because we set up everything you need earlier, such as VPS Setup, Installation, Free Control Panel Setup, FREE Website Migration and Live Website, SSL Certificate Installation, DNS and E-Mail Account Configuration.

In order to setup and delivery the Semi-Managed VPS Plans, please be patient & wait for 18 to 24 hours. Setting up and configuring a server takes a while, so please be sure to be patient.

Here are the Top Benefits & Reasons Why VPS is Right for Your Business. VPS hosting is more powerful and flexible than shared hosting. Also, it is more affordable than dedicated servers.

  • When your website database size get increase (400MB and up), Shared hosting can no longer handle it but VPS can.
  • This would be a great choice for E-commerce owners with high traffic on their websites.
  • In comparison to reseller hosting, it offers more speed & greater flexibility for managing dozens or hundreds of websites simultaneously.
  • Consumes a lot of resources that shared hosting cannot handle, moved to VPS.
  • It is great for web designers or developers, because you can host a lot of websites on one plan and make more money.
  • We offer semi-managed VPS, where the User gets a basic first-time & initial configuration, website setup, SSL configuration, DNS configuration, along with limited support. With our semi-managed VPS, the User gets an initial server installation, configuration, website setup, SSL configuration, and DNS setup. In addition to that, semi-managed VPS is ideal for those who are not interested in experimenting with their VPS settings. If you just need a one-time setup of your vps and don't plan to change it, semi- managed VPS is for you.

    Fully Managed VPS, on the other hand, is for those who have no technical knowledge of VPSs and/or do not want to feel obliged to do server related tasks (maintenance, monitoring, checking malicious activities, upgrades, bug finding etc). We take care of all the server maintenance tasks in Fully Managed VPS so our customers can invest more time on their business without having to worry about server-related issues.